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Top 5 Ways to Increase Parent Engagement




TOP 5 WAYS TO INCREASE PARENT ENGAGEMENT & PARENT INVOLVEMENT: Meeting the need for joint need for parent support and involvement 

By Frederica McLean 1/26/13

The education industry has been under a major shift over the past 15 years. Tied to societal shifts, these changes have forced the extremely complex process of reflection with a subsequent press for immediate change to a system that is no longer able to account for the numerous losses it has accrued. With the introduction of the Core Curriculum Content Standards over the past three years, it was unclear exactly how the standards would address the glaring gap. Yet deeper analysis uncovers the truth, the method behind the madness; to increase parent engagement and involvement in their child’s education. By building in policies that explicitly tie in the points of entry for parents, the message becomes clear. Teachers will be responsible for their part in educating but parents must be responsible for the reinforcement and support that the students need. In a way, it is trying to bring the focus back to the child despite the constant pressure to avert failure. For some parents, this is not an issue. Financial stability affords the luxury of time and provides access to circles that offer consistent opportunities for challenge and development. Those who are under a cloud of struggle are unable to take their eyes off the prize. They work harder for less and crash when afforded the time off.
While this is unfortunate, the responsibility and priority still remains, the child and/or children. Handing them over to the schools to raise without oversight, is a mistake at the least, a tragedy at worst. No matter the obstacles, the message remains steadfast and will continue to be true; parent engagement and involvement is not a choice, it is a requirement. The question then is how can the parent be more engaged and also meet the needs for stress relief and balance that they require and desire? Read more...