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 NY City Explorers Group, Inc. 

"Ms. McLean...has marked experience with staff training and development projects. With her assistance, our preschool staff has been able to learn from her behavior management and discipline skills and gain valuable insight to help staff discern possible opportunities for expanding their approach with children to cater to all of their developmental needs."          ~  Mrs. K. Gandsy, Co-founder 



NYC Department of Health-Food Safety Division

"I wanted to take the time to let you know how much I thoroughly enjoyed your presentations. It was probably the most pleasurable and enriching training I have participated in. I actually came away with new motivation and I think my staff would echo my sentiment. Your company name, Living Above Disorder, truly exemplifies it's product because you are totally together."                                 ~  Mr. J.M.,  Executive Dir. 



Holmes- Smith Consulting, Inc. 

"Frederica has been the fire behind my drive, consistenly encouraging me to move forward with developing and implementing the first ever college planning conference for parents in Delaware. She is an amazing person, consultant and teacher. The parents who attended her shops continue to ask when she will return! I'd recommend her any day!     ~Dr. Pat Smith, Founder & C.E.O.