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Praise for the "Find your Stone" Integrative Leadership Development Program

"I enjoyed the [leadership] training and the empowerment to be a self leader. It's difficult to change the system but I can change my role within it. Thanks!"


"To summarize, today was life re-organizing!"


"What I love about this training is that it is applicable to all areas of life and I will definitely be using this information well."


"Frederica is a great presenter. She was energeting and had great presence. She opened my eyes to a new perspective regarding teaming and communication. This was a great eye opener!"


"I heard great things about this training from my colleagues but it exceeded my expectations. Great job!"


"The trainer connected very well with me, is very articulate and is extremely knowledgeable about leadership and areas of empowerment."


"Having been a supervisor for many years, I did not think that there was much more that I could learn but through this training I discovered that I want to be a better coach to my staff and I am now equipped to do so."


Endorsements: What professionals are saying

"As a teacher, Frederica helped me to better understand the different cultures that come into my classroom and how to better manage to them without losing the culture of togetherness that I want to create."


"The workshop on learning differences was extremely helpful for me as a first year teacher. The information I learned in this course allowed me to make the connections between what I learned in my degree program and what I was seeing  in my classroom."


"Educators take a lot of slack. We have to deal with parents and kids in overcrowded classrooms with all sorts of behaviors. This professional development was about taking back my domain, the classroom and it felt real good to have someone tell me I'm good at what I do and provide coaching strrategies that will help me grow as an instructional leader. Thank you Frederica." 


"As an administrator who deals in school finance, Frederica was able to help me understand the effect my role has on the overall school culture. I now feel more comfortable interacting with the families who are part of our community."


"This professional development for leaders exceeded all of my expectations and I had a lot. Not only do I want this to continue, managers MUST take this course!"