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"It is not enough to have knowledge. It must be connected and integrated into daily life so that it becomes a part of the learner for practical application across environments and relationships. This is the mark of a successful learning experience."

Living Above Disorder is prepared to handle your training and consulting needs:  


Welcome: Clients are treated to a free 30 minute consultation to get acquainted and share their expectations.

Comprehensive needs assessment: In-depth analysis of your needs so that a comprehensive plan of action can be developed to meet your expressed and inherent needs. 

Internal coach development: Our coach development services bring you and your staff to a level where they are able to carry out learning and expand on it overtime so that they can become effective coaches. 


Take a look a our CAPABILITY STATEMENT here.


Get a comprehensive list of available workshop and training packages that can be delivered as is or customized to meet your needs. We also work with you to develop customized programs and trainings.