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Pyramid Model Training & Coaching for  Teachers, Leadership & Administration

What is the Pyramid Model? An evidence based comprehensive framework of social emotional learning practices developed by CSEFEL (Center for the Social Emotional Foundations for Early Learning) & TACSEI to promote and support the development of healthy social emotional competencies in early childhood. Through developing supportive and nurturing environments, teaching social skills, emphasizing empathy and a strong emotional vocabulary, and providing individualized supports for challenging behavior; the Pyramid Model framework builds the capacity of the workforce, families and leadership to meet the needs of all students. This relationship based  framework is aligned with Pre-K Common Core Learning Standards and can be used as a foundation with any early childhood curriculum. In addition, it can also be used in conjunction with classroom and learning assessment tools such as the ECERS, CLASS, ASQ-R, Teaching Standards Gold and more!

For more information, check out the Early Childcare Council or read this: NYS Pyramid OverviewFind us on ASPIRE!

Pyramid Model Training & Coaching 

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Pyramid Model Module 4 Leadership Coaching & Consulting for Early Childhood Administrators & Site Coordinators