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Living Above Disorder is a leader in professional development and leadership consulting.
We pride ourselves on the trust that is placed in our relationship; with each client knowing that 
the root of each issue will be addressed, not just the symptoms. 



Living Above Disorder was founded in 2010 by Frederica McLean. Its purpose is to educate individuals and families while providing integration between interventions, educational plans, relationships and the future. Through this integration, the home-school connection has flourished. Implementation of this purpose has allowed us to provide professional development to educators so that they are better able to  fully understand the impact of  the family on the classroom, create optimal learning environments for their students, and develop instructional plans that will address the gaps that arise in their classroom. In 2012, Living Above Disorder expanded to begin providing personal development and leadership training to diverse industries and organizations. Through the creation of the "Find your Stone"Integrative Leadership Program, Living Above Disorder gone deeper; helping individuals address the need to reconnect with internal values and purpose which drive performance, interrelationship skills and leadership capacity. Through connections with professionals and experts in different industries and with diverse backgrounds, L.A.D will continue to grow as a resource; shifting perspectives in the organizations and individuals we encounter for increased performance and value.




"A leader is best defined as an individual who is driven by and connected to the purpose that they have been given to fulfill. Because of this they are able to inspire others to greatness." 

~ Frederica McLean, Live Above 

Frederica McLean, M. Ed., is a professional developent and leadership consultant  and President of Living Above Disorder. Specializing in education with an emphasis in special education, she has an extensive background in behavioral, relationship and academic interventions. In addition, her experience is extensive as an adult educator and leader; enabling her success as a trainer and coach. Frederica holds a B.A. in Psychology and M. Ed in Educational Leadership, Policy and Management. In addition, she is trained in Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) and is on track to receive her Board Certification in Behavior Analysis in 2015. In addition, she sits on the Board as President of NYC Young Professionals Kiwanis, a non-profit organization dedicated to serving children and their communities all over the world. Frederica continues to grow taking the time to develop professionally and personally through constant interaction with different industries and learning opportunities.