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Living Above Disorder

Professional Development, Educational & Leadership Consulting

"The most valuable aspect of consulting is the ability to connect with the client and develop a relationship. This ability to quickly form a bond between the consultant and the client creates this atmosphere of trust that enables change to occur. This is the Living Above Disorder difference." 


We are a New York State Pyramid Model Verified Training Organization! 

What is the Pyramid Model? An evidence based comprehensive framework of social emotional learning practices developed by CSEFEL (Center for the Social Emotional Foundations for Early Learning) & TACSEI to promote and support the development of healthy social emotional competencies in early childhood from birth to age 5. This early childhood relationship based  framework is aligned with Pre-K Common Core Learning Standards and can be used as a foundation with any early childhood curriculum. In addition, it can also be used in conjunction with classroom and learning assessment tools such as the ECERS, CLASS, ASQ-R, Teaching Standards Gold and more!

The professional learning community...we are committed to developing schools and educators so that learning communities can be fostered, promoted and supported. Training and coaching opportunities abound for administrators, teacher-leaders, and school staff in all areas including:

Administrative assistance is also available for development of philosophies related to culture, learning and discipline. Contact us to get information on available topics and/or training availability. 

"Having the experience of being in the classroom, learning at the feet of some of the best principals and educational experts gives us the edge we need to assist teachers and administrators at the level that they require. We know what we are talking about because we have been in their shoes and respect the path that they have chosen." 

The organization & professional success...we are purposed to help individuals identify their personal values and goals, creating alignment between these and their career choices; setting them up for improved performance, communication and leadership within the workplace. We also work with your client community to assist in addressing their needs through training, seminars, workshops and group consults. 


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