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All of the referrals listed have been vetted to ensure quality and commitment to the Living Above Disorder standard. Tell them I sent you!


Weisglass Psychological Services, PLLC.

Dr. Cortney Weisglass

313 W 75th St. 

New York, NY 10023


Services: Dr. Weisglass provides a number of services including evaluations, assessments, therapy and more!

Synopsis: Cortney and I bonded over coffee and mommyhood! She is very good at what she does, having an extensive background in providing counseling. Her turnover time for evaluation results is amazing ( I have never met someone who is able to write a report and provide full results within 36 hours or less!) and she is thorough. Here are the semantics:

  • She does not accept insurance. Call or email for costs associated with counseling and other services. 
  • She is currently not accepting any new clients until after the New Year but may be able to squeeze in an assessment or two.


Ronald E. Stitskin & Associates, P.C.

Mr. Ronald E. Stitskin

295 Madison Ave.  12th Flr.                                 2 Crosfield Ave. Suite 210

New York, NY 10017                                         West Nyack, NY 10994

212.939.7570                                                       914.261.9828


Services: Specializes in Special Education Law; Wills, Trusts & Estates; Elder Law; Disabilities Law; Family/Matrimonial Law

Synopsis: Ronald Stitskin and his partner, William Hair are passionate about the law especially special education law. I am quite comfortable recommending Ron or William because they are dedicated to ensuring that each client gets the best potential outcome and that is the Living Above Disorder way. 



Holmes-Smith Consulting, Inc

Dr. Patricia Smith

One Commerce Center, 1201 N. Orange St. 

Wilmington, DE 19801


Services: College and Career Planning, Transitional Life Coaching

Synopsis: For those of you who are looking for an educational consultant who specializes in college prep and placement, Dr. Smith is your one stop shop. She works with students as well as adults who need guidance in the college and career planning process. She also offers life coaching to individuals who are seeking work/life balance and/or may be experiencing transitions related to career change. Dr. Smith comes highly recommended. To find out more about her services, visit



Small Steps, BIG LEAPS Pediactric Therapy Center

159 20th St. #3A

Brooklyn, NY 11232


Marta Canaan, Co-Founder

A Pediactric therapy sensory gym located in South Slope, this center is right sized for your child. They offer services such as PT;OT; Speech; Nutrition Counseling; PT, OT and ST evaluations and consultations;family training; and more. In addition, Renee Ortega offers sensory based social skills movement groups on Saturdays that are sure to please the sensory attuned child. I loved the gym from the moment I stepped foot in the door and have no qualms saying this is the place to be. Insurance is not accepted. Open to both private and DOE clients.


Breathing Room Therapies

Rebecca Spath

Life & Wellness Coach, Breathwork Practitioner

Do you know how important breathing is (besides keeping us alive)? Have you ever thought about how often we stop breathing in a day or how shallowly we breathe? Rebecca is a wonder. Working with her on breathing to improve overall wellness and stress reduction in just a short time was enlightening. She is also a USANA representative, selling natural products that work with your body's natural defenses to improve functioning. Tell her Frederica of L.A.D. sent you!


School Choice Group/ School Choice International

O: 150 Grand St. White Plains, NY 10601

P: 212.333.5959

Are you frustrated with the school search process and find that no matter where you place your student, they shut down instead of thrive? Enter School Choice Group; a school placement agency dedicated to finding the "best fit" placement for your child, no matter where you live. As the special needs education consultant with School Choice, I can vouch for the quality of attention that your family will recieve as you navigate school search and placement process. Give them a call today and tell them Frederica sent you! 

"Pursue your Passion" Michael Perelstein Memorial Scholarship

School Choice's founder Liz Perelstein announces the  "Pursue your Passion" Michael Perelstein Memorial  Scholarship for Elementary and Middle School students located within the 5 boroughs of NYC.This scholarship will be awarded to 5 students at the NYC Gifted and Talented Symposium on October 26, 2013 where they will also have a chance to showcase their passion. To find out more and apply, click the link above. 


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