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Below are links to articles and information that you can use to educate yourself on various topics related to special needs, education and parenting. 


Child Development

Developmental Milestones: A guide to tracking your child's development : This comprehensive guide discusses the developmental milestones from birth to age five along all of the developmental domains. In addition, it provides a checklist for Pervasive Developmental Disorders and ADHD that you can use as reference if needed. 


Newsletter Archive


Self Care

Top 10 Ways to Improve your Well-Being: Here are some of the tips I've found to be extremely beneficial to my life and the lives of those I've encountered. Feel free to print, save and supplement with your own plans for self care.



Keeping the Knowledge Pool Current: In this Ask the Expert article, I addressed preparing your child for standardized tests  over the spring break. 


Parenting & Family

"Eliminating Barriers": This is an abbreviated version of the Eliminating Barriers presentation presented at the College Planning "A Holistic Approach" for Parents in May 2013.




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