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"Shared Journeys" Parent Education & Support Program

    Providing parent education, training and support services so that you can have the family you desire.


Welcome to Shared Journeys! This FREE parent support and education program provides you with the information, insight and support that you need to be successful in managing and guiding your children to success.

Shared Journeys is for every family; every parent. It doesn’t matter if you have a child with a special need, live in the projects, just regained or lost custody or were born with a silver spoon. We face the same insecurities, we struggle with the same types of issues and most importantly; are all seeking wholeness. That is the premise of the Shared Journey's program; to achieve wholeness through support and education. Here, we will:

  • discuss concepts and information related to child development, growth and needs;
  • the importance of balance, identifying and replenishing self;
  • navigating schools/education and eliminating barriers to holistic achievement; 
  • and gaining support externally while remaining centered internally, etc.

We will share information, resources and quality referrals. We will have events celebrating our freedom from chaos and the renewed vigor of our home. We will encourage and empower others so that they too may be able to teach their children and strengthen their families. We will develop our communities so that our children may be safe, learning will be commonplace and respect is once more paramount. We will be able to live above, navigate through and motivate past disorder. Why walk alone?

Click here for the brochure!

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