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For children 

  • Customized and integrated intervention plans: Disorder is not always diagnosed and is best addressed early. If you have a child who is having trouble surpassing obstacles academically, socio-emotionally, and/or  behaviorally; give us a call. We look beyond the symptoms to find the root cause of the problem so that once an intervention is in place, change will occur. 


  •  Leadership Development: It is essential that children have a strong internal foundation to draw from as they move from stage to stage. The "Stone" Integrative Leadership Pogram works to holistically develop interpersonal skill such as communication, confidence and self-discipline. These are the elements that are needed to boost achievement, remain strong in the face of adversity, and navigate change. For more information contact,


  • Sibling support: Often siblings of children with special needs have a hard time adjusting. Through no fault of their own or anyone else's, they can feel left out, unloved, misunderstood and different. Due to these conflicting feelings, they may also feel shame, guilt and go through periods of deep melancholy. Sibling support offers them a chance to get the attention that they crave. Within these sessions, we draw, write, play, act out, and have fun. Contact us to find out more!


  • Imagination Socials: Social Inclusion Playgroups: This program is for children of all developmental stages and needs. The playgroups teach social skills on every level. Intensives are themed and focus on addressing inherent and explicit skills such as turn taking, appropriate communication, behavior in a small and large group, interactive play, taking direction and keeping hands to yourself. We also work on building self confidence in the child's voice, ensuring that when they leave they feel empowered to interact whether with one peer or a group. Groups are typically run for 2-4 yr olds, 4-6 yr olds, and 7-9 yr olds. Check the events calendar for dates and times.

For families

  • Integrated family consulting: It is important that the family as a whole understand and be educated in how to implement and follow through on strategies and therapies being used with their children. Integrated family consulting addresses the need for wholeness from relationships to communication, stress management and extended family; we work with each member and the unit as a whole to strengthen the foundation for success.


  • Transition consulting: Though children are resilient, they need assistance in adjusting to change. Because each member is connected, the process can turn into a nightmare for even the most well adjusted if not handled correctly. We work with your family to address symptoms of long and short term transition to include anxiety, behavior changes, academic fluctuations and more. This is all done holistically so that all are aware of how to reduce stress, change perspectives on transition and work together to get through it. 


  • Parent training workshops: Covering topics that deal with all things parenting and education no matter the need. These workshops are geared to empower, educate and stimulate you so that you can successfully address disorder in your home. Each shop offers resources and strategies that can be applied immediately to your situation. If you need additional assistance, you may request one to one parent consulting. Check the events calendar for dates and times.


  • "Shared Journeys" Support Groups:  In Shared Journeys, parents have the chance to interact with others who may be going through or have gone through situations similar to their own and gain perspective, advice and encouragement to make it through. Shared Journeys is hosted two Saturdays per month for free with an empowerment seminar and relaxing event scheduled regularly. Why walk alone when you can share the journey? Check the events calendar for dates and times. 


Prices vary based on service. Contact us to find out more about options for payment.  


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