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Family Endorsements


"From day one Frederica made sure that we understood everything that was going on with our son; the therapies, the expectations and the progress; and what it meant for our family. She walked us through every step, assisted in placement and offered her shoulder. She spent as much time with me as she did with my son, drinking coffee and changing my perspective on his diagnosis. Through her support, my family and relationships have grown stronger. She is not just our intervention consultant but a part of our family."

~M.C. & Family


"We were introduced to Frederica through a school referral and our family has never been the same. She helped us address our son's needs, worked with the school to ensure the environment was well managed and helped us learn so that we can support both of our children effectively. Thank you so much for all of your help. We love you!"

~M.B. & Family

Praise for Parent Workshops & Training 

"Keep up the good work! You are a source of encouragement for the dicouraged and a motivator who helps people to live based on purpose. The "stone" concept will forever be in my mind and employed in my daily life."


"I was expecting the same old talk but was uplifted by the honesty and connection of the presenter. She helped me feel more organized and re-organized to be a better parent and spouse."

~"Truth and Sensitivity for Parents" participant


"Thank you so much because I never spoke out in a meeting, and I feel good."  

~"Eliminating Barriers" participant


"Frederica opened up my perspective to my behavior and how it is affecting my child's behavior. I can't wait for her to come back."

~"Positive Behavior Mgmt at home" participant


"This was an interesting take on parent teacher interactions and I was guilty of a few of the misconceptions.  Afterwards, I was able to communicate better with my daughter's teacher and not be so insensitive to her concerns." 

~ "Creating Effective Partnerships in Communication" participant

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